Can CBD Give You Greater Mental Clarity?


For many, the notion that cannabis might induce wakefulness or greater mental clarity is counterintuitive. For the most part, cannabis has gained recognition as a remedial substance for its ability to relieve pain, inflammation and especially as a sleep aid.

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CBD and Pain Management


Pain management is the number one reason Americans seek medical care. According to the National Institute of Health, pain affects more Americans than diabetes, heart disease and cancer combined.

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CBD and Aromatherapy


Aromatherapy may help stimulate the brain and the lungs. The use of different essential oils can have a positive effect on many parts of the body and can improve metabolism, blood circulation, digestion and hormonal function

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CBD and Crohn’s Disease


Despite the prevalence of this disease, the causes of Crohn’s continue to elude the medical community.

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Is CBD Oil Effective for Migraines


Although research on the effectiveness of CBD oil in treating migraines is limited, some laboratory studies suggest cannabis might be effective in treating headache disorders.

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CBD Infiltrates the Beauty Market


This chemical compound extracted from cannabis hemp is taking over the beauty industry. The component is being used in everything from face masks and lotions to mascara and hair styling products.

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Sleeping With CBD


How does CBD impact the sleep/wake cycle? Learn how CBD can help you with sleeping problems and disorders.

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CBD and Thanksgiving


How to incorporate CBD into your Thanksgiving meal. Learn how so many people could find relief to better enjoy their times of celebration with CBD

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CBD Oil during Pregnancy


Even if scientific studies indicate that it has no harmful effects that could jeopardize the health during pregnancy, in this article you can learn how Cannabidiol may affect the mother and the baby during maternity.

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Chronic Conditions & CBD Oil


CBD oil’s effects on health are numerous, but most of its benefits are thanks to its powerful pain fighting and anti-inflammatory properties. Thousands of people are using CBD-rich Hemp Oil to remedy the symptoms of many health conditions.

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Treating Arthritis Pain with CBD Oil


Stiff achy joints and muscles leave millions with debilitating arthritic pains every day. Could CBD oil help manage joint pain from arthritis? Learn about the health benefits of this amazing new supplement and more.

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CBD for Mental Disorders Treatment


Mental health has now come to the forefront of national debate, along with an amazing new supplement, CBD. Learn what we know about CBD’s effects on mental health disorders.

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CBD and Breast Cancer


Breast Cancer is one of the number one concerns for women as they age. Experts studying CBD think it may be helpful in cancer treatment. Learn about new, groundbreaking studies on CBD’s effects on Breast Cancer.

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CBD for Athletes


Learn how athletes are turning to CannaBiDiol to manage injuries and swelling. We are talking about a new powerful supplement that can help with pain and inflammation.

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Benefits of CBD Oil


Learn about scientific studies on CBD’s health benefits and how taking this new supplement might be the key to minimizing health risks and finding relief from chronic symptoms.

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CBD and Hypertension


Could a new supplement from hemp extract lower blood pressure and reduce risks of hypertension? Clinical research studies on CBD and hypertension have revealed some amazing results.

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