Cannabis Breeding: How Are New Strains Created?

Many cannabis users are familiar with walking into a dispensary and being presented with a multitude of options: a myriad of strains, sativa, indica, hybrid, CBD. But how did we arrive at such a huge variety of cannabis strains?

Sleeping With CBD

How does CBD impact the sleep/wake cycle? Learn how CBD can help you with sleeping problems and disorders.

Anxiety & CBD Oil

There is a lot of controversy when it comes to cannabis and its effect on anxiety. While some testify to cannabis’ power to alleviate anxiety, there are others who say it makes it worse.

What is CBD Oil?

The main ingredient in CBD oil, along with other cannabinoids, account for a lot of the therapeutic characteristics of cannabis as a plant. It is one of the most well known and well studied cannabinoids, and is being investigated for its anti cancer, anti-inflammatory and anti-seizure properties

What Is CBD Water?

We use nano technology to convert our own CBD isolate into a water-soluble product that easily dissolves in our water. The result is a CBD-infused water with high bioavailability, with 30mg per bottle

The future of CBD infused cold beverages

According to the reports, 77% of chefs predict cannabis/CBD-infused drinks will be the No. 1 trend in 2019. More and more cold CBD beverages are emerging on the market every day.

How bars and coffee shops can integrate CBD

CBD has a number of purported health benefits and these drinks are believed to promote wellness by reducing inflammation and anxiety. Here are a few ways bars and coffeeshops can integrate CBD into their offerings.

The threat CBD poses for the pharmaceutical industry

Every year, marketing firm Edelman releases a report measuring consumer trust in various institutions. According to their 2018 report, the pharmaceutical industry is the least trusted of the 15 industries Edelman studies.

Learn the Facts about CBDa

Cannabidiolic acid can be found in the stems, leaves and flowers of some varieties of cannabis plants. It’s particularly prevalent in hemp plants which are bred to contain lower levels of THC and higher levels of CBD.

What is THC?

Here’s what you need to know about THC and how it relates to cannabidiol, another prominent member of the cannabis compound family.

Can CBD Give You Greater Mental Clarity?

For many, the notion that cannabis might induce wakefulness or greater mental clarity is counterintuitive. For the most part, cannabis has gained recognition as a remedial substance for its ability to relieve pain, inflammation and especially as a sleep aid.

CBD and Pain Management

Pain management is the number one reason Americans seek medical care. According to the National Institute of Health, pain affects more Americans than diabetes, heart disease and cancer combined.

CBD for Pets and Animals

The increasing cost of health care overall has lead many people to look for alternative methods to treat illness and improve their mental health. Now, people are looking for alternative way to take care of their pets as well.

CBD and Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy may help stimulate the brain and the lungs. The use of different essential oils can have a positive effect on many parts of the body and can improve metabolism, blood circulation, digestion and hormonal function

CBD and Crohn’s Disease

Despite the prevalence of this disease, the causes of Crohn’s continue to elude the medical community.

Is CBD Oil Effective for Migraines

Although research on the effectiveness of CBD oil in treating migraines is limited, some laboratory studies suggest cannabis might be effective in treating headache disorders.

CBD Infiltrates the Beauty Market

This chemical compound extracted from cannabis hemp is taking over the beauty industry. The component is being used in everything from face masks and lotions to mascara and hair styling products.

The Endocannabinoid System

Despite the fact that it has only been discovered relatively recently, the endocannabinoid system is fundamental to the working of the human body.

Hemp Oil Explained

Learn about the difference between Hemp oil and CBD oil. Thousands are using CBD hemp extract to find relief, but many more are still confused about what it is exactly.

CBD and Thanksgiving

How to incorporate CBD into your Thanksgiving meal. Learn how so many people could find relief to better enjoy their times of celebration with CBD

CBD Oil during Pregnancy

Even if scientific studies indicate that it has no harmful effects that could jeopardize the health during pregnancy, in this article you can learn how Cannabidiol may affect the mother and the baby during maternity.